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Welcome to the cool world of NECO FUN!

As Blockchain plays a rapidly growing role in our lives, decentralized finance builds a new system for asset management, and the Play-to-Earn model begins to transform traditional games.

What are we doing?

NECO FUN focuses on blockchain games. We are committed to build the NECO FUN platform into a blockchain game platform (just like a 'decentralized Steam, Nintendo'). On the platform, you could enjoy various popular games developed by the NECO team, and other interesting games made by other groups or freelance developers as well.

Where are we from?

NECO FUN team is a Japan-based team. Japanese companies play a big role in the world's game market. We take inspiration from various Japanese games and incorporate more exciting ideas and designs into the platform and our games. “Neco” means “cat” in Japanese. We named the platform NECO FUN as we hope that the platform can be loved and we hope to share the fun of Play-to-Earn with everyone.

What's new in NECO FUN product?

Traditional Play To Earn games

Across the market, many of the current blockchain games lack interesting game designs, and some teams have no game making background. We also noticed that some projects have no good economic model to ensure effective operation, which eventually leads to bad outcomes.
For us, gameplay design and economic model are equally important. Interesting gameplay and good economic model supports each other to balance the input and output of players to let the project go a long way.
The products and tokens on NECO FUN platform are all connected to each other and are interlinked. We have designed a powerful economic model to ensure a long-term stable and economical operation of the NECO FUN platform. As our platform token, NECO token had been launched by fair launch. It now could be purchased on PancakeSwap.

NFT-based Standalone Games

In addition to P2E games with traditional architecture, NECO FUN also considers to design NFT-based standalone games. At present, NFTs are shown as images, but what if an NFT is a game? We want to make each standalone game an NFT. Players purchase games through the blockchain and they permanently own those games (NFTs). What's more, they could play the game to earn more tokens. When they beat the game, they can also sell it as a NFT for extra income.
Come and release your vitality at NECO FUN!
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