๐Ÿ‘พPlatform Features

Neco Fun belongs to everyone. You are always welcome to contribute to the platform. Neco Fun consists of the following functional areas.

1. Platform Governance System

Holders of platform token (NECO token) are always welcome to join platform governance, vote and jointly decide how to develop the platform.

2. LP Farming System

Some of our tokens will be distributed via LP Farming, and the NECO tokens can also be used to farm other game tokens. The farm system will have a high APY, and it will be a good investment choice for investors who are not willing to play games.

3. Game (NFT) Marketplace

NFT distribution and trading are naturally indispensable for a blockchain gaming platform. We will establish Neco Fun's exclusive NFT Marketplace. Players can freely use the NFT Marketplace system to buy and sell NFTs to earn.

5% of the transaction fees charged by Marketplace will be sent to holders of NECO token as profit.

4. NFT Gachapon

We will launch NECO NFT Gachapon, a machine which will distribute Games/NFTs when you insert NFISH token or other tokens. NFT Gachapon will add entertainment elements to games.

5. Earning System

NECO token holders will continuously obtain various game tokens or NFT token via airdrop. And part of the game earnings will be distributed to NECO token holders via our Airdrop system.

We will also hold Monthly airdrops and other activities for better user engagement and interaction. Therefore, an excellent airdrop system is needed to enable users to check and receive their airdrops in the system more conveniently.

6. Game Library

NECO FUN aims to be next Nintendo in the world of blockchain. We will launch exciting games. All games launched on the platform will be included in Game Library.

For details of games, please refer to Games.

7. Metaverse

We will also release Neco Funโ€™s metaverse project. This project will be entirely decided by the community.

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