Neco Fun
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Road Map

🗓 Calendar
🎯 Achievements
2022 Q1
Initialize Project
Completed ✅
Design Website
Completed ✅
Design Economic Model
Completed ✅
Develop & Launch Website
Completed ✅
NECO Token Fair Launch (PancakeSwap)
Completed ✅
Launch NECO Farming System
Completed ✅
2022 Q2
Update Website
Completed ✅
NECO Token Airdrop
Completed ✅
Design Neco Fishing Game
Completed ✅
Develop Neco Fishing Game
In Progress⏳
2022 Q3
Stake NECO for NFISH Airdrop
Launch NFISH Farming System
Stake for NFTs
Completed ✅
Launch Neco Fishing Beta Version
Community AMAs
Fix Game Bugs
Launch Neco Fishing Official Version
Update Neco Fishing
Launch Earning Distribution System
Launch Vote & Governance System
2022 Q4
Update Neco Fishing
More Airdrop Events
Release NECO Gachapon
Start New Games Design
More Partnerships
The above project schedules may be subject to change at any time to keep pace with the rapid development of the blockchain market.